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Artisan Nail: Your Trusted Ally

When it comes to the beauty industry, the most successful companies are those with an intimate understanding of every aspect of the business. In order to adequately meet the needs of your customers you must be able to provide products that will save them time, delight them and turn a profit. Providing these types of products for you is what Artisan Nail is all about.

From the industry's most innovative products to fundamentals that every salon needs, you'll find information on an elaborate selection of items. They are all possible thanks to website owner Kevin Huynh's expert business know-how, global network of top-quality suppliers, meticulous attention to detail and rare ability to generate truly inventive ideas.

He has had the pleasure and privilege of launching numerous product lines for many well-known brands within the market.

Strong Supplier Relationships Make All the Difference

The business cultures in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia are completely different. With a few emails and phone calls, many businesses will set up working relationships with companies around the world. However, the success is oftentimes limited.

Kevin travels globally on a regular basis when scoping out new suppliers. With a great deal of time and expense, he meets with practically everyone in each factory he visits. The Owner, Office Manager, Shipping Manager, Production Manager, Purchasing Manager and production line employees are all addressed with questions about manufacturing processes, return rates, quality control and more.

Unfortunately, many other nail suppliers make the mistake of taking shortcuts. More times than not this leads to products of seriously poor quality that result in recalls and/or losses of profit. Only after an average of three personal visits, and having all his questions satisfactorily answered, will Kevin welcome a new manufacturer to his team. This helps ensure you get the best quality possible.

In addition, the combination of creative forces works to generate truly innovative product ideas. Bringing these to reality is a joint venture that delivers top quality, unique merchandise and your complete satisfaction… guaranteed.

If you're a salon or wholesaler looking for a partner that understands:

   Eastern and Western business cultures

   Every aspect of the beauty industry

   Import/export processes

•   Customs regulations

  Which overseas companies to work with

   Which overseas businesses to avoid

   Brand/product development

   Inventory control

   Sales and marketing

   And more

… trust Artisan Nail to help advance your business interests.

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