Artisan FlexGel+ Top - 4 oz

Apply a thin layer of FlexGel+Top over the FlexGel+Crystal powder and cure under UV light for a glossy finish look.

Artisan FlexGel+ Base - 4 oz

Apply FlexGel+Base on the nail bed before sprinkling FlexGel+Powder over the nail. Repeat process if necessary cure under UV light.

Artisan Primex Acid Free Nail Primer - 8 oz

Creates virtually lifting-free with no burning, no itching and no strong odor.

Artisan Ultra Bond Extra Strength Nail Primer - 8 oz

Creates strong grip between acrylic and natural nails. Virtually eliminates lifting.

Artisan Equalizer Nail Prep Agent - 8oz

Put an end to lifting and chipping with this super dehydrator.

Artisan Instant Seal Non Cleanse Gel Nail Sealer - 4oz

Seal it in a snap! Mirror-like shine. No need to wipe away tacky residue!

Artisan DuraSeal Brush On Gel Nail Sealer - 4oz

No more buffing, mirror-like shine. You'll never need to file. Just brush it on!