Hand & Foot Massage Tools

4+ Point Hand & Foot Massager - Each

Use to apply precise pressure to trigger points. Soft shape and smooth feel allows it to be used without massage oil.

Hand, Foot & Body Massage Tools System Professiona - Kit

All you need for your massage and reflexology services. Kit includes 9 ergonomic massage tools.

Thai Hand & Foot Massager - Each

The 3 point knobs can be used in many ways to apply deep pressure to trigger points.

Small Thumb Hand & Foot Massager - Each

Can be used for: hand, foot massage, shiatsu, accupressure, or any other massage technique that requires pressure to be applied by the thumbs.

Big Thumb Hand & Foot Massager - Each

Used as therapeutic helpers for releasing tension, strengthening muscles of the hands, feet or other parts of the body.

Hand, Foot & Body Roller Massager - Each

It is excellent for reaching small pinpointed reflexes. Use in one hand at a time, or position the Reflex between both hands, placing its small, yet firm projections into a tender reflex point, roll it with a pressing motion.

Tapper Hand, Foot & Body Wand Massager - Each

Gives massage stimulation at the bottom of the foot or the palm of the hand. Breaks down muscle tension and stimulates circulation.

Hand, Foot & Body Stone Roller Massager - Each

With its innovative, gliding action the Hand, Foot and Body Stone Roller Massager freely rotates to massage the muscles. Works effectively to ease tensions in hands, feet and any part of the body.

Back Spine Body Massager - Each

Has a smooth, comfortable shape to give stress releasing and relaxing massage to the back, neck and shoulders.

Hand, Foot & Body AccuPressure Massager - Each

Has a gentle rounded end for tender areas and small pointed end for deeper points. Helps give a more thorough stimulation between fingers and toes.